• GoAir saves on fuel costs by hiring light-weight female air hostesses

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    In a somewhat amusing turn of events, an Indian airline has decided to save costs by discontinue the hiring of male cabin crew! The justification for the move is the fact that male cabin crew are heavier and cause the airplanes to burn more fuel, while a female cabin crew will help the carrier save on fuel costs. Besides sounding logically correct though in a somewhat bizarre way, the initiative by GoAir has left quite a few people chuckling. Currently, GoAir has 330 cabin crew members, on its pay roll, 40% of who are men.

    As per figures drawn up by people who spend hours drawing up figures, every additional kilogram on board an airplane costs the carrier about Rs. 3. Given the fact that an air hostess weighs about 15-20kg less than a male flight purser, the company has drawn up expected savings of about Rs 2.5 Crore to Rs 3 Crore annually. The current 130 male flight pursers working with GoAir will continue with the airline but will soon be a diminishing gender as the airliner plans to hire only female crew up ahead.

    [Via – Indiatimes]

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