• GM unveils golf-cart-like electric MEV Hummer HX

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    What makes a Hummer a Hummer? Terrible fuel efficiencies, a chunky heavy body and a carbon footprint as large as the car itself make this iconic vehicle what it is. Lately however, Hummers seem to be going green with General Motors finally coming up with a cleaner and more efficient mass of metal on wheels, sort of. GM put a pair of scissors to good use on this one and clipped away a massive part of it, turning the colossal vehicle into one comparable to say, a golf cart. Called the MEV Hummer HX, this one powers up with electricity and is more of a resort-vehicle. In short, it’s just about good enough to get around the neighborhood. Don’t try pulling of off-road drives with this one though.

    Someday, GM might just come up with a healthy way to drive a real chunky Hummer around without punching the environment where it hurts most. For now, we’d rather opt for a golf cart, a cheaper option than the obnoxiously priced $16,000 Hummer HX!

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on June 3, 2011