• German auto manufacturers are now looking forward to build cars like Tesla’s Model S!

  • porsche-panameraAfter the tremendous success of Tesla’s Model S electric car, nearly every big manufacturer around has begun day dreaming about developing a car along similar lines. Now while Tesla did manage to break through every barrier and develop a car that’ll go down in history as the first of its kind that was truly road-worth and practical, companies like Porsche and Mercedes too have begun drawing up plans for similar electric cars. The Germans are promising electric cars with ranges touching 250 miles!

    While the electric Porsche could very well be developed to be a smaller Panamera, Mercedes could unleash an electric vehicle that matches up to its E and S Class sedans. This isn’t the first time these manufacturers are going electric. Previously, Porsche and Mercedes have edged towards the greener side of the scale with supercars and not everyday-use sedans. The electric Porsche and Mercedes will show up around 2018 and 2021 respectively.

    [Via – Engadget]

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