• General Electric unveils dual-battery system for larger electric vehicles

  • GE-dual-battery-electric-bus.jpg
    EVs as we know them today, are really expensive, and tend to burn huge holes in our pockets. This is probably why not a lot of people have turned to the car of the future yet, instead sitting behind the wheel of a bunch of gas guzzlers. General Electric have come across with a technology breakthrough, a bus using a dual-battery system that will help pull down the costs of larger electric vehicles. Using a lithium-ion pack with a sodium metal halide battery, the system is a whole 20 percent less expensive than a comparable single-battery setup. Part of a $13-million research project put on under the guidance of the Federal Transit Administration, the Northeast Advanced Vehicle Consortium and the National Fuel Cell Bus Program, this dual-battery bus will sure help bring a load of electric buses on the road in future.

    We applaud GE for their efforts in turning our modes of transport green!

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on December 8, 2010