• Futuristic electric chopper by Peter Norris, the Honda Chopper

  • Honda-Chopper.jpg
    Choppers today pack in all the chrome and style to keep bike enthusiasts starry eyed every time one passes by. Designer Peter Norris’ chopper design however packs a futuristic look to it, missing out on the good old classic look a chopper’s meant to have. Besides that, the Honda Chopper does well in just about every walk, given that it’s electric and doesn’t cause a quarter of pollution that those long-handled thumpers spit out today. Complete with the customary long front suspension, a feat forward seat position and two small electric motors that individually power the front and rear wheels, this electric bike looks like a machine the Hell’s Angels would ride on in the far future!

    Seriously efficient with low emissions, this bike fulfills the very purpose of a chopper too, allowing for a comfortably laid back cruise, without stamping a dirty dark carbon footprint.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on May 27, 2011