• From Sweden to Spain, a trek in Solar Vehicles

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    We have heard of umpteen solar powered vehicles that so many manufactures have made. But to me, they all seem to be doing this for the business, and not rally because they care for the environment. Maybe that’s why the common people have yet no taken these vehicles seriously as a mode of transport for long distance drives. To make a statement, several enthusiasts are going to be trekking from Sweden to Spain in their solar boats, cars and trucks. The Peoples Projects Foundation, based in Amsterdam, organized next May’s trip from Stockholm to Barcelona. Onboard a fleet of three solar-powered boats is a solar truck, solar ATV with trailer and a small solar car. There’s also room for 18 paying passengers. The Foundation estimates it will take 6 months to cover 1,800 miles at an average distance of 15 miles a day. Now that is ‘practicing what you preach’!

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    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on December 11, 2009