• France to play home to rent-worthy electric three-wheelers with Toyota’s upcoming project

  • toyota-i-roadThe French like doing things differently. Which is why, soon this nation full of love and champagne will begin playing home to extremely bizarre but seemingly cool three-wheeled buggies. From next month onwards, Toyota and Grenoble will give folks in France an opportunity to ride on these electric vehicles. 70 EVs like these will be up for rent for short periods of time, allowing citizens to enjoy a quick joy ride.

    The overall goal of the project is similar to that of a bike-sharing program, enabling people to leave their cars at home, sway away from mass transit systems and still be able to travel in urban environments. To sign up for the program, all you need to do is make sure you’re 18 years and older and have a valid driving license. Called the i-Road, this three-wheeled electric vehicle seats one while the optional four-wheeler COMS seats too. Rental fees will be set to about $3.89 for 15 minutes, and $6.50 for half an hour.


    [Via – Wired]

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on September 19, 2014