• Ford’s Eco-Route, an added tool to green driving, to be added to the MyFord Touch system

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    If you plan to drive a Ford soon, you’ll have something more to look at on your vehicles dashboard. The company’s MyFord Touch in-vehicle software system will now have an Eco-Route tool added to its functions before it launches. This system will knock green consciousness and fuel efficiency in driver heads.

    So in future, when you enable your Ford’s GPS system, you can also select the most fuel-efficient route and not just a shorter or faster one. According to the company, drivers using the Eco-Route will see a 15% mileage improvement. This might increase the cars instrument panel a bit, with a few more distractions and complexities, but for the increased mileage, this all seems worth it! Nice move Ford!

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on April 16, 2010