• Ford automobiles to shed extra pounds and increase efficiency with new bubble-infused plastic

  • ford-mucell-plastic-1.jpg
    Renowned automaker Ford is busy drawing out plans to have its cars lose out on some extra pounds. No treadmill runs being done here. Instead, the company will ensure weight reduction right from the raw materials itself, moving over to lighter plastics that’ll help cars cut down on weight and increase fuel-efficiency. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology had recently unveiled a new plastic infused with bubbles. The development caught the attention of the automaker that is now planning to switch over to this new plastic, cutting down car-weights by 200 to 750 pounds! The MuCell material is made by pumping tiny bubbles of nitrogen or carbon into standard injection-molded plastics, negligibly weaker than the regular plastic, though a lot lighter.

    And with that, Ford cars will soon be a lot more eco-friendly and pocket-friendly with increased efficiencies as the company switches to lighter materials to be used to manufacture plastic parts.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on April 5, 2011