• Foldable bikes get a better look with the Kinfolk bikes

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    Searching for a place to park your bicycle while you step away from it and use your legs instead? Well, a suitcase would be just the right place to tuck a bicycle in, if you happen to use a Kinfolk bike that is. With four wheelers and motorcycles ruling the streets these days, carbon emissions have increased and the air is as polluted as it could get. Bicycles are an environment friendly way to travel, keeping the air clean and you healthy. Unlike other foldable bicycles, the bikes by Kinfolk have larger tires and work and look just like your regular bicycle. Two bicycles like these have been though up of, a fixie bike and a city bike. For now, these aren’t on the assembly line and are only an art concept that you can buy for as much as $3,815.66 and $1,954.55 for the fixie and the city bike respectively.

    The bikes are so compact, that they can fit into a mall case and can be carried just about anywhere. This one sure makes carrying a bicycle to far of destinations much easier!
    Via – [Luxurylaunches]

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