• FlyNano seaplane powers up completely with electricity!

  • As the aviation industry looks forward to more environment-friendly ways to powering up aircraft, a team of like-minded nature-loving Finnish engineers have come up with a spectacularly clean electric seaplane, capable of flying at appreciable heights and landing on water! Sporting lithium-ion batteries that juice the electric drive train, the FlyNano has a speed range of 70 – 140 km/ph (43-87 mph) and a service ceiling of 3 km (9,820 feet) and can theoretically fly 43 miles on a full belly though its current battery lasts just 30 minutes, a shortcoming we expect to see stepped over in the future. Showcased at the AERO-Expo in Friedrichshafen, the FlyNano comes with a steep price tag of $33,750 with a storage trailer priced at $6,625.


    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on June 19, 2012