• Ferrari goes green with solar powered unit in Italy

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    If other automakers are upping their green status by unveiling solar powered vehicles, Ferrari goes one step ahead by befitting its Maranello plant with 210,000 kWh photovoltaic system. Installed by EnerRay, the new solar system will use a 185 Wp Mitsubishi Electric module to generate peak power of 198.85 kWp. However the energy needed for heating and cooling this Italian unit will still be provided by a power plant generating electricity from a single fuel source. In an attempt to reduce its carbon footprint by 25-30% in the coming years, the company also has plans for a new tri-generation plant that will cover almost all of its electricity requirements. And you associated the term Ferrari with gas-guzzling racing beasts only? It is time to change the opinions.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on January 23, 2009