• Ferrari developing all-wheel drive hybrid

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    Everyone’s making so why should the heroes not follow suit. Ferrari is working on a hybrid sportscar, a new all-wheel-drive vehicle with hybrid propulsion. The design is intended to “improve the drivability of a sports car in conditions of poor grip,” not necessarily to improve the vehicle’s overall environmental friendliness. The company has got four possible ways of introducing it. In each of these possible designs, one set of wheels would be powered by the car’s internal combustion engine through a locking differential, while the other set of wheels would be motivated by either a single electric motor or by two smaller in-wheel electric motors.

    Depending on the on-board batteries and electronics used in such a system, the car could potentially be powered solely on electricity under certain circumstances, reducing fuel consumption and lowering overall emissions.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on May 25, 2009