• Faraday Mark II – An all electric truck

  • FordF650Green.jpg
    Trying to fit a compact car with revolutionary fuel technology or electric components is a quiet hard to do at present or when the technology itself is experimental. However the dynamics change with bigger vehicles as many more components can be easily placed and studied in much more detail. That’s exactly what Ford is trying to do with its F650 trucks. Smith Electric Vehicles along with Ford plans on producing commercial electric vehicles for Europe and North America. The first of these vehicles was unveiled at the Commercial Vehicle Show as the Faraday mark II, a pure electric truck using the Ford F650 chassis cab, with a GVW of up to 13,000kg.

    The vehicle is expected to have similar specifications to the Smith Newton pure electric truck that is sold in the UK and Europe. Newton is available in GVWs from 7,500kg to 12,000kg and has a top speed of 50mph, with a range in excess of 100 miles on one battery charge. Smith expects to commence US manufacture of the first of this product in the second half of 2008.

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