• Enertia electric motorcycle from Best Buys and Brammo

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    If many wondered why there wasn’t an electric motor bike after the electric car, can sit back and keep their mind at rest. There is this new Enertia electric motorcycle that will be launched at five West Coast Best Buy stores in May this year. This is being promoted by two companies Brammo and Best Buy. First they will launch a few to see how it goes with people and then they will try and sell it in all their stores. Maybe someone should give them a bit of advice that the only way this thing is going to work is having Baywatch female stars endorse it. Or maybe pretty oriental boys.

    The cost of the Enertia bike is $11,995. With recession, I would really like to see the extravagant individual buying this. Maybe the companies can take this product to Asia and sell it as an alternative for bicycles.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on March 2, 2009