• Emirates stops publishing in-flight magazines to save fuel

  • emirates_airlines.jpgWhen you walk into any airline cabin today you are greeted by a pleasant hostess/host showing you your seat. Once that mystery is solved the next thing on your agenda is to find something to pass your time before the in-flight movie begins. That’s when we find the airline magazine filled with boring PR and insanely expensive perfume/gift catalogue, along with the in-flight entertainment guide. These magazines are usually thick and printed in high gloss sometimes scented paper. Well, step into the new Emirates Airbus 380 and you will be surprised to not find a magazine in the front shelf of your seat. The decision to ban all onboard paper will lighten the aircraft by a tone thereby reducing fuel expenses and saving the environment. The printed matter will be replaced by content shown on the aircraft’s seat-back TVs.

    They are not alone in this endeavor, both Northwest Airlines and Japan Airlines revealed plans last month to reduce weight by cutting pagination. That Japan Airlines is reducing its magazine size will surprise many in-flight aficionados – by the early 1990s the carrier had one of the largest magazines in the world.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on July 29, 2008