• Emax Super Marine 45 superyacht uses solar panels to power up

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    When it comes to green sailing vessels, this eco-friendly piece of marine engineering sure takes the cake. Called the Emax Super Marine 45, this one uses twin CMD TDI V6 engines coupled with GM Allison Hybrid Transmissions. Also, this one uses a 32KWh Lithium UPS that silently helps the boat accelerate to up to 14 knots, beyond which the V6 engines kick in. One of the greenest ways to sail you’d come across sailing the seas today, the Emax Super Marine 45 uses a photovoltaic array to soak up the sun’s energy which can then be stored in its batteries for use later. And yes, this one seats up to 10 people, along with 4 more on the sundeck, while the vessel boasts of a shower room and a double bed, along with a kitchenette, making sure you stay comfortable on your green ride on blue waves.

    Via – [Luxurylaunches]

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