• Electric-rickshaws to hit the streets and provide for cleaner public transport in Philippines

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    We recently came across the sleek and shiny electric three-wheeler by T3 Motion, the R3. Here’s yet another electric three-wheeler, a rickshaw, that’s not all that futuristic as the R3, but sure serves the same purpose! In the Philippines, the rickshaw is one of the main modes of public transport. These not-so-aesthetically pleasing contraptions now get a greener touch, with electric engines. The new models with electric insides will have one-quarter the carbon footprint of their gas-burning predecessors and will help the government save up on fuel-costs and keep those deadly carbon emissions out of the air too!

    In Philippines, rickshaws burn up nearly five billion dollars worth of fuel each year, which could soon be a situation of the past, if the electric models catch on, which we pray they do.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on April 20, 2011