• Electrically-assisted bicycle for two

  • Electrically-assisted-bicycle-for2.jpg
    Now the bicycle sure is a selfish mode of transport, perfect for a solitary traveler. However, if you’re planning to have company on you bicycling trip, here’s an electricity-assisted bike that lets you do just that! With dual seats, the bicycle comfortably travels at a speed of 20 mph with its electric-assist mode with two people seated. Using a 500-watt electric motor that drives the rear wheel, the bicycle’s speed variability can be adjusted from the handle bar by twisting it, just like a motorcycle throttle. Also, if 20 mph seems just too slow for you and your fellow traveler, the two of you could simply push down the pedals and make it go faster!

    The bike uses a 48-volt lithium battery and boasts a 25 mile range. Also, the weights of your partner and you combined shouldn’t exceed 500lbs. For $3,400, a rather expensive price to pay, this eco-friendly mode of transport could be yours!

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on April 21, 2011