• Electric, petrol free scooter Xero

  • scooter_Xero.jpg Cars maybe, also scooters… next month electric, petrol free scooter Xero will hit the markets. Being electric, you won’t have to pay road tax, congestion charge and maybe even for parking in larger cities. The 1000w motor is hidden away in the hub of the rear wheel and it’s powered by lead gel silicon battery. You can charge it as easily as a phone through a cable under the seat that plugs into a household socket at one end and a socket in the footwell at the other. It also doesn’t make a single sound!

    The Xero comes in two designs Classic or the Urban. It may have the same power as a 50cc bike, but it seems that the Xero will be slow pulling away from traffic lights. The scooter’s speed limited is 30 mph only as well. And the best feature however is that it only costs 1,499 pounds

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on July 27, 2009