• Electric motors being developed by GM to show up in 2013

  • GM_Electric_motors.jpg
    GM takes yet another step to ensure a clean and environment friendly automobile industry. The company has announced the manufacture of electric motors. It will be the first automaker in the United States to manufacture motors like these. This step by the automobile giant will also help boost its development of hybrid and electric vehicles. GM will unveil the first of these motors in 2013, a long way off, but worth a wait. They will work as rear wheel drive motors and adopt the two mode hybrid technology. This will of course do well to consumers by decreasing long term running costs and maintenance. Also, our environment will have yet another reason to smile, taken that this technology will help in the development of cleaner and eco-friendly cars in the future. So let’s just hope that GM succeeds in its development of these electric motors that will make driving a cleaner and pleasurable experience.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on January 27, 2010