• Electric Ferrari Millenio uses buckypaper reinforced body

  • Electric-Ferrari-Millenio-1.jpg
    Supercars are slowly moving towards the greener side of energy usage and we just stumbled across this beautiful Ferrari concept supercar design. Called the Millenio, this one was designed by Marko Petrovic and looks good enough to serve as the Bat Mobile! Using dual electric engines that power up via solar panels or inductive power transfer systems, the Millenio makes use of space age materials and technologies to keep its weight in check for maximum fuel efficiency. The car uses a buckypaper reinforced body making it lighter than carbon fiber and stronger than steel!

    And yes, this Ferrari sure has all the edges and cuts it takes to be like the rest of those stallions from the Ferrari Stables. Though, we sure can’t help wishing this one was more than just a concept!

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on November 15, 2011