• Electric eCRP 1.4 race-bike touches speeds of up to 220km/h

  • 2011_CRP_TTXGP_Electric_Motorcycle.jpg
    We’ve seen electric engines being placed into the bellies of two-wheel road scorchers before, the Ec-o RR and the Enertia. CRP Racing decided to join this line of elite electric superbikes with the eCRP 1.4, an eco-friendly bike that’ll soon do the burnouts at the starting line of the FIM e-Power and the TTXGP European Championship. The bike is the descendant of the version 1.2 and CRP Racing has bettered the technology on this one. The bike is more cost-effective and is designed with proper weight distribution, weighing in at 160kgs. Nestling a lithium-polymer 7.4Kw/h battery that lends juice to dual DC motors, this one touches speeds of up to 220km/h.

    The eCRP 1.4 bike touches the 100km/h mark in just about 3.2 seconds! That’s not all. The bike also sports a data logger that sends out all the information required by the team to better its abilities, via GPS! Will the eCRP 1.4 leave the rest of its two-wheeled rivals in a cloud of dust? Let’s wait and watch!

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