• Electric cars are taking over USA; Recargo’s infographic proves this

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    With the rise of electric car users in the United States, charging stations have begun popping up all across the country and we consider this to be good news! An infographic by Recargo, PlugShare and PluginCars.com recently caught our attention with lots of details about how electric car charging stations are taking over the United States of America. As opposed to the 1,972 charging stations in 2011 and 6,310 in 2012, this year saw a total of 20,138 electric car charging stations offering juice in USA, with California leading the way.

    By the end of this year, a predicted number of 170,000 plug-in vehicles could hit the road. These numbers have certainly brought a smile on our faces and we’re looking forward to the rest of the world following suit, particularly East and South East Asia, where smog levels have been skyrocketing these last few days and electric car-usage could certainly cut it all down.


    [Via – Recargo]

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