• Electric bus charges at bus-stops with a rapid charger

  • electric-bus-1Electric buses have always been considered as one of the cleanest ways to get people around town. However, with technology being extremely limited these days, most electric buses have been confined to fixed routes with overhead cables juicing them up. Instead, we’ve come across a concept electric bus that sports a rapid-charger, enabling the vehicle to juice up in less than a minute. This will enable the bus to charge at bus-stops while passengers board and alight!

    When pulled up at a stop, the bus’s battery on the rooftop will automatically hook up to an overhead cable and recharge, while passengers get in and out of the bus. The first bus of this kind has already been tested in Geneva and we expect more cities to follow suit too.






    [Via – Fastcoexist]

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on September 9, 2014