• Eco-friendly Yokohama Tires race up with a dose of orange oil

  • yokohama_eco_race_tire.jpg
    As plenty of eco-friendly vehicles are slated to crowd up the lanes of the future, a tire company is working on wheeling out eco-friendly tires to complement them. Renowned for developing superior quality street as well racing tires, Yokohama Tire is all set to roll out juicy tires. Juicy tires sounds ridiculous but the making of tires from Super Nano-Power Rubber justifies the adjective. The maker has developed a process that combines orange oil with natural rubber to form a new compound called Super Nano-Power Rubber. This proprietary technology helps to consume lesser petroleum in the making of tires. And the 2009 Patrón GT3 Challenge by Yokohama will be the first race series to use these tires environmentally friendly tires with a dash of orange oil.

    Researched and tested on the race track, the orange oil technology will also be available to U.S. consumers in the all-new dB Super E-spec passenger car tire this summer.