• Eco-friendly supermini Cygnet is Aston Martin’s green baby

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    Aston Martin is synonymous to luxury and James Bond. But now the company intends to associate with the current trend of going green with its eco-friendly supermini. Dubbed, Cygnet, this low emission car will zoom from 0 to 60 in 14.7 seconds. So unlike an Aston! Based on Toyota’s IQ city car it is given the Aston Martin makeover with a sporty grille, alloy wheels, and luxury interior. And the automaker intends to knock their loyal customers to drive this green Aston baby. Only folks who own an Aston will be eligible to buy Cygnet. Estimated to sell at about £20,000 ($33,000), I am sure it will not hurt any Aston owners who have shelled out about £160,000 ($265,000) for gas-guzzling cars from the same company. So Aston owners, care to swap those high-end non-eco-friendly vehicles for a green drive in Cygnet?

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on June 29, 2009