• Eco-friendly Black Magic vessel for a green future of ocean travel

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    What do you get when you thrown some green into Black Magic? A zero-carbon vessel that will soon change the way we sail! No we aren’t talking Voodoo or the likes of it. We’re talking about the Black Magic zero-carbon vessel by Sauter Carbon Offset Design, using a design which if taken up by tankers in future, can help reduce GHG emissions by 6 billion tons over the next 20 years. This 4,000 ton solar hybrid vessel reduces GHG emissions by 75 to 100% by harnessing energy from the sun, wind and waves and uses Mercedes Benz / MTU Bluetec engines for a clean travel. We’ve come across another vessel, a yacht, the Transcendence, using a similar engine, with similar green properties.

    Polluting tankers currently sail the high seas, having an adverse effect on the environment and marine life. A vessel like the Black Magic though, can change the marine industry into a cleaner and greener one. Its rotational wing sails, 2,000 square meters solar cell deployment and a whole load of features make this the likely future of ocean travel.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on June 21, 2010