• Eco Marine Power will equip bigger ships with solar and wind power

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    Deeper waters will soon breathe a sigh of relief, as ships in future are destined to go cleaner and greener, thanks to a new development currently being worked upon by a Japan-based company Eco Marine Power. The system will use energy from the sun and wind to power up part of a ship’s energy requirements, helping reduce emissions and increase fuel efficiency in the bargain. For starters, the company is busy fitting solar modules that will collect wind and solar energy on the Aquarius. For now, the technology will work best for larger ships and in future will show up on smaller ships like coastal freighters, passenger ferries and tourist boats too.

    The shipping industry is in for a greener change in the future with developments like this. A far-fetched dream for now, but 100% renewable energy powered ships make us day-dream!

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on February 24, 2011