• Eco-friendly Transfercar service offers free rental car rides

  • transfercarOne of the biggest hurdles car rental companies face these days is bringing their cars back home. Rental cars aren’t always dropped off at places of a company’s choosing and these services then need to have their rides transferred home when used. Instead, the Transfercar service now enables car relocation services in a less-expensive and more practical way! The service offers free rental cars from one location to another, in turn helping rental car companies transfer vehicles!

    This works as a win-win situation for everyone, given the fact that car rental services can have their cars dropped off for free, while users looking for a rental car also get a free ride, so long as their travel routes match. To sign up for the service, all you need to have is a valid U.S. driver’s license and a birth-date before 1996!

    [Via – PSFK]

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on October 18, 2014