• Eco Drive Monorail by Phil Pauley could solve mass-transit woes in the future

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    Urban areas today are slowly being choked to death with smog and pollution, as people pull out their gas-guzzlers to travel around, without paying too much heed to run-down mass transit systems. Designer Phil Pauley however envisions cities with advanced mass transit systems, both green as well as reliable. Called the Eco Drive Monorail (EDM), the project could work as a sustainable means to get people around without stamping dark carbon footprints on the eco-system. Also, this one’s economical to, given that it can simply be built on existing rail networks, without having to break ground for the new network.

    Also, the EDM system can be built over houses, roads and other such infrastructural hurdles that usually pose an obstacle to monorail-building.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on October 10, 2011