• David Murray makes his own ‘Green Car’

  • So many of us want to do so much for the environment, but how many of us actually end up doing something for it? David Murray has been one such man from Texas who has built his very own electric car right in his garage. No, it’s not a hybrid, but a complete electric car. All he did was spent $750 to buy 1993 Eagle Talon form a junkyard and then another $4000 in converting it in to a plug-in electric car. Powered by only a small electric motor, with no emissions David has successfully managed to make the car hit 55mph. The total costs for charging it is just 7$ for it go about 300-miles. Isn’t that amazing? Now only if we have more such enthusiast who would really like to get down to doing something as impactful, will the environment benefit sooner.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on November 27, 2009