• Dartz unveils design for Mojo electric roadster powered by the sun

  • Dartz_Mojo_electric_roadster_1.jpg
    Latvian manufacturer of armored vehicles, Dartz, has decided to go easy on its vehicle designs, shedding the armor and the bulk, as well as the gas-guzzling habits its cars are all too used to, for a cleaner, greener and eco-friendly automobile. Called the Mojo, this pretty vehicle runs on electric insides powered by solar energy and was sculpted by Leo Yankelovich. Christened the Dartz Mojo 4 ST.Tropez – 4 Wheeled Sexappeal, this two-seat roadster sports a fully-exposed engine placed on the rear axle. The gear-box lies behind the engine and the back-engined platform used for this one is reminiscent of the Lotus.

    And given the fact that it lacks a windshield, the Mojo sports a pretty interesting convertible roof design that might just bump into your head if you’re one of those taller-than-average people!

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on October 3, 2011