• Daihatsu to unveil electric environment-friendly vehicle concepts at Tokyo Motor Show

  • Daihatsu-electric-environment-friendly-vehicle-concepts-1.jpg
    The Tokyo Motor Show will see the veil being pulled of some pretty green and environment-friendly sets of wheels from the stables of Daihatsu. All concepts, the company will show off its Pico, a seemingly compact car, the D-X (D Cross), a roadster type green sports car and the FC ShoCase, Daihatsu’s answer to green transit advertising. The D-X for one sports a direct-injection two-cylinder engine while the Pico sticks to the lines of just about every green compact we’ve come across. The FC ShoCase though sports liquid fuel cells that shun the use of expensive materials like platinum for manufacturing, making it an inexpensive mode to transit advertising with a green touch. However, like we’ve mentioned before, all of these are concepts, and might just remain so forever!


    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on November 14, 2011