• Czechoslovakian FBike uses electricity to fly

  • There sure have been times when we’ve found ourselves stuck in our cars in traffic jams, wishing we could simply fly above the hoards of cars ahead and reach home after tiring days at work. Well, if flying away from gridlocked streets is indeed more than just a pipe dream for you, you might want to settle for this helicopter-bike contraption designed by a Czechoslovakian design firm who collaborated with a local light aircraft manufacturer and a bicycle company. Powered by electricity and green as moss, the FBike uses two main lift fans along with two side-mounted propellers for vertical take-offs, landings and a three-axis control system. Powered by electricity squeezed out of on-board batteries, the FBike is capable of staying in the air for a good three to five minutes at 30 miles an hour, enough to jump over the next couple of cars ahead or clear an intersection!


    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: on June 21, 2012