• Cyomo Electric Bike boasts fold-in solar panels that juice it up

  • Cyomo-Electric-Bike-1.jpg
    In the future, driving to work or the grocery store across the neighborhood probably won’t be such a gas-guzzling affair. That maybe because there’s a better alternative than driving down there time and again. You could simply use an electric bike. Now we’ve seen a bunch of these concepts that need to be plugged into the grid to charge up. Designer Raymond Bessemer however came up with the Cyomo Electric Bike, a contraption on two wheels that powers up with energy from the sun. Parking this bike in a sunny place charges it up, owing to the fact that it’s loaded with solar cells. These solar panels are foldable and fold in vertically when you need to hop on to the Cyomo.

    A better alternative to plugging in every time you run out of juice, the innovative and cleverly designed Cyomo Electric Bike with its sweet solar panels sure seems the best way to urban travel!

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on November 1, 2010