• Classic Austrian Motorboat Frauscher Goes Green

  • frauscher hybrid technology.jpg
    It is difficult to make transition from old technology to new greener alternatives without compromising on good old classic designs. Classic Austrian Motorboat Company has launched four new green Frauscher models which use hybrid propulsion system and this has not affected old classic design of the small boats. Motorboat builder Frauscher Bootswerft and Steyr Motors have come up with this new serialized hybrid propulsion system which reduces emission and lowers fuel consumption.

    Fraushcer was founded in 1927 and it is indeed heartening to see the good old company opting for better green technology and innovating so subtly so as not to affect the stylish aesthetic design. They have thus proved that one can easily switch over to new efficient power terrain in the place of old to leave lesser carbon footprint. Such changes even in the smallest of pleasure ride boats can take care of carbon emission and fuel consumption woes in the long run. It is high time – all leisure and pleasure indulgences should go the green way!