• Citroen’s E-3POD three wheel automobile of the future, powered by electricity

  • Citroen’s_E-3POD_concept.jpg
    A three-wheeled contraption like never before, Citroen has unveiled the designs for its own version of future-transport. Known as the E-3POD, the vehicle was part of the designs in a Citroën sponsored project shown off at the Royal College of Art’s Interim Degree Show in London that required RCA MA second year students to design an ultra-compact vehicle that could just show up on streets in future. Designed by Heikki Juvonen, the electricity powered E-3POD Antistatic is a single-seat vehicle with aerodynamic styling, two smaller wheels up ahead, with the driver strategically seated inside the third bigger rear wheel that uses a hub-less design.

    The future sure is a long way away, but we’re seated at the edge of our seats, waiting for a vehicle like the E-3POD to hit market shelves!
    [EV World]

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