• Chinese automaker, BYD Co to release e6 electric in US next year

  • BYD-Co-e6-electric-3.jpg
    Chinese automaker and battery maker, BYD Co has plans for the US auto market, and is busy tweaking up their electric called the e6 long before it hits the store shelves in California and a few other key markets. The company is making adjustments and improvements to the car’s rear seating area, causing release delays of around a year. The e6 turned up as taxis in China last March and was to start test marketing in California later this year. BYD also plans to release the S6DM, a plug-in electric hybrid SUV in the United States in future and plans to ship 50 e6 electric cars by the end of next year to fleet customers in Southern California.

    Electric cars will help inexperienced and not-so-strong automakers in China walk closer towards globally established brands, and the e6 will show the United States a good deal of BYD Co in future.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on January 12, 2011