• Charging-ports carved into front left fenders for Ford electric cars

  • Ford-puts-EV-charge-port.jpg
    Gas guzzlers usually load their fuel tanks at the back, ahead of the rear axle, safe from crumple zones. This requires drivers to step out of their cars, walk all the way around to the back and fill the tank up, every time their cars run out of juice. Ford however; have come up with a way to make plugging in a lot easier for Ford EV users. The Focus Electric and the C-MAX Energi will sport their plug-in points on the left front fender, making it easier for drivers to access, by simply stepping out of their seats. Electric cars need to plug-in more often than a gas-powered car, and on an average, an EV user hooks up his car about 3 to four times a day.

    After a lot of thinking and research, Ford engineers finally came up with this spot for a charging port which seems just right, and should probably, be standardized by the automobile industry.

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