• C3 Hotel Cube: A trailer hotel for the environment friendly campers

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    Gone are the days when people enjoyed camping in tents! With trailers available everywhere, most people want comfort as they go out in the wilderness. One such eco-friendly option is the C3 Hotel Cube. The trailer structure consists of a bedroom and bathroom. It has semi-transparent solar panels on top that get charged up in the day light so that you can use the electrical fittings after sunset without any glitches. It also comes with a temporary sewage disposal unit so that you can collect and empty the garbage on a daily basis easily without trashing up the place and later pushing yourself to a cleanup routine. It also has a small septic tank collects human waste to be later used as natural fertilizers.

    This trailer which is 4m in length, 2.2m in height and 2.2m in width has been designed by Jianbo Huang & Ting Zhao.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on November 25, 2009