• Buses with solar powered assist systems now in California

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    In collaboration with Sunpods Inc. from California, Bauer Intelligent Transportation has developed a solar powered assist system specially designed for buses. This will help the company meet the strict rules laid down by the State Of California to curb pollution. This system developed in just 6 weeks uses four thin film solar panels that run the length of the bus and charges an on-board deep cycle battery bank. On shutting the engine, the bus can still have its air-conditioner and wireless connectivity equipment up and running. This prevents fuel consumption of an idling engine. A low was passed in 2008 prohibiting diesel vehicles from idling for more than 5 minutes, which has now been applied across 25 states in the U.S.

    Bauer IT uses clean Series 60 engines, exhaust gas recirculation systems and diesel particulate filters for its fleet of bio-diesel, propane and EGR vehicles to meet the EPA emission requirements.
    This new solar powered back-ups for buses will sure help reduce idling time further.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on March 4, 2010