• BugEV – The DIY electric vehicle kit shapes up into an eco-friendly three wheeler

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    As the rage of electric vehicles flare on, the tormenting cost factor is the prime deterrent for folks to switch over from their gas-guzzling vehicles. And not everyone is fit enough to cycle their way through the town for work or shopping. For $3,500 you can make your self an eco-friendly electric vehicle BugEV. Created by Blue Sky Designs, it ships as a DIY 75 piece kit. Once put together, this three wheeled bike can zoom up to 50mph with a maximum range of 30 miles at 30mph average speeds. Though its like a moped or a scooter, but with an extra wheel, the BugEV scores points as its has a cover facility for the single rider. Fitted with headlights, taillights and horn, navigating it through dark lanes will also not be difficult. For a little more money, totaling up to $5,300, you can get a upgraded kit that includes the motor too. Cool green vehicle for short distance commuting…..ideal for college students.


    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on February 10, 2009