• British designer creates world’s most portable electric bike

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    Sustainable livelihoods depend on eco-friendly travel. While this seems to come at a cost, inconvenience and ugly design in more cases than few, this refreshingly good design by British inventor Clive Sinclair comes as hope. He has designed the most portable electric bike we have ever seen till date, with wheels that are just 13 centimeters in diameter. That’s little larger than a suitcase. Just two into the crowdfunding effort, the bike surpassed its target, which comes as no surprise. The design of the electric bike is inspired by the original A-Bike product designer Alex Kalogroulis. The motor in the front wheel kicks to life when the user starts pedaling. A sensor then detects the moving pedals and gently whirs the motor into life. If you need more assistance, which is detected when you slow down, the motor automatically delivers more power to make pedalling feel a lot more comfortable.

    “Once you stop pedalling, the sensor will switch off the motor,” he continued. “This keeps the system legal in the UK and Europe and allows users to ride the A-Bike Electric without requiring a licence, tax or insurance.” The bike can be snuggly folded down in under 10 seconds! It weighs just 5.7 kilograms and can do about 25 km with one charge.


    [Via – Dezeen]

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