• Breathing in Co2 to power up, the O2 Concept car

  • O2-Concept-car.jpg
    With the ever-degrading environment, the modes of transport we use today are slowly and surely turning green. The cars we’ve been driving around all these years are slowly kicking their drinking habits away, instead opting for greener ways to fuel and power up. This golf-car-like vehicle by Leonardo Achilli christened the O2 Concept powers up with solar energy and Co2. Sucking these out of the air itself to generate its own energy source, the hydrocarbon powered O2, is just what a tree would be like, if it had to have wheels that is. The car releases no harmful gases into the air whatsoever, instead giving out crystal clear oxygen from its tailpipe!

    Never before have we ever come across a car greener than the O2 Concept. We sure would like to see commercially-produced vehicles using this concept to power up, hit the roads in future!

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on April 18, 2011