• BMW to user laser diodes for energy-efficient and brighter headlights

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    The automobile industry today is desperately trying to wipe itself clean of carbon footprints, and the answer seems to lie in hybrid and electric cars, with gas-powered cars slowly being shouldered off the road. BMW has come up with a great way to save up on energy with laser headlights. Today, LED technology is being used on a pretty wide scale by automobile manufacturers for headlights, and using lasers instead could provide a further energy-efficiency boost for cars, given that laser diodes are twice as efficient and a whole lot brighter than conventional LED headlights! BMW will also include the Dynamic Light Spot technology in its future cars, using lasers for a marker light system that automatically illuminates pedestrians, helping drivers keep away from accidents during darkened hours.

    And given that laser diodes use a lot less energy than LEDs and conventional headlights being used today, saving the battery energy of your car will seem like a breeze, making electric and hybrid cars a lot more efficient!
    Via – [Newlaunches]

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