• Biodegradable oil for American Le Mans racing series

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    When cars are racing to keep up with the green trend, car products are also now following suit. Don’t know if you can call oil as a car product but that’s the topic of discussion here. Apparently the official motor oil of the American Le Mans (ALM) racing series will be biodegradable, non-toxic and made from saturated animal fat. This is the case at least for the next two seasons. The ALM race series and Green Earth Technologies signed a deal that puts Green Earth’s animal-based G-Oil in all of the safety trucks and the company’s logos on everything but the race cars. So this won’t be used on the cars going round the tracks.

    This is part of the ALM racing series to keep up their rating as ‘green racing series’ by the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Energy and Society of Automotive Engineers. The oil is also certified by the American Petroleum Institute and won’t biodegrade in your car because the bacteria needed to do the job can’t survive in an engine.