• Bike Arc’s designs green bike racks

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    Bicycles have been in the news off late for various reasons. Aside from the usual marketing schemes, the idea is to get every fat ass on the street to become healthy and also of course, use it as an alternative source to save the environment from the harsh carbon footprints. Hence, an architect firm designed this Bike Arc, a U-shaped bike rack to park your… bike! A few prototypes were installed in downtown Palo Alto in January and were an instant hit. The main idea was formulated by Jeff Seltzer, a bike retailer and advocate, and Joseph Bellomo, principal of Palo Alto–based Bellomo Architects. The Bike Arc is a simple curved unit that combines the space-saving quality of hanging systems with a much easier to maneuver roll-in-place design. The units can stand alone as the circular umbrella arc, incorporated into bus shelters or fully covered in the double-loaded tube design.

    These racks are also designed in a way that no one can steal your bike’s wheels. According to the public relations firm that represents Bike Arc, the company is constantly developing new Bike Arc concepts, “including the use of more affordable materials and photovoltaic technology.”

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on June 30, 2009