• Aventos – A multi-purpose car concept to reduce carbon footprint

  • aventos-car-concept.jpg
    As so many eco-friendly on-shelf products and concepts emerge each day, the future promises to be green. In a bid to undo and halt the damage done to our environment, industries are rolling out earth-friendly stuff to lure eco-conscious consumers. Latest entrant is the Aventos concept vehicle. Apt for urban set up, this compact green car is ideally meant for serious business. Though it can serve as a personal car, it is primarily conceptualized for transporting goods around the city. Aventos also helps to promote car pooling. A detachable module at the rear also plays the role of nomadic shop. With such roomy green vehicles, the future generations can reloatcate to newer places without having the need to resort to movers and packers too. Featuring all these multi-purpose roles, Aventos concept will help to reduce the carbon footprint. Hey, but what about the engine? No word on the core power supply or the material used to shape up the body of this futuristic green metro-vehicle.


    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on February 19, 2009