• Audi unveils two-seat electric Urban Concept car

  • Audi-two-seat-electric-Urban-Concept-car-1.jpg
    There are cars, and there are cars that simply have eyeballs stuck on them as they sail through the streets. Take this concept by Audi for one. Probably destined to remain a concept for all its life, the Audi Urban uses a carbon fiber reinforced plastic body and two e-tron electric motors and sports two seats, one for the driver and the other for his side-kick. Weighing in at just about 480 kilograms, the Audi urban concept is reminiscent of a sports racer, and seems to be a blend of a roadster and a city car!

    With a convertible roof, that can be pulled up just in case the sun decides to ditch and the rains take over, Audi also plans to unveil a hard-top version of this concept up ahead!

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on September 14, 2011